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Warriors RP (Role Play) and Fanfiction Wiki has both Role Play and Fanfiction. There are currently six Clans, DewClan, LightningClan, OceanClan, CaveClan, SnowClan, and CloudClan. I hope we can collaborate and make this wiki great!

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This wiki has both role play and fanfic. Probably, most of you will wonder, "isn't fanfic and role play the same?" Let me tell you the answer; no. If you wanna know why, role play is a story where a bunch of users get together and create a story and there isn't just one author; the users each write a little bit with their fanfic cat and then the next user comes along and writes a few lines and so on. If I didn't make sense there, go ahead and look at Warriorcatclansrp Wiki or ask me for further details and you should know. Now, fanfic is when only one author goes ahead and writes a whole story with no lines. If I didn't make sense there either, go to Warrior Clan Fanfiction Wiki. This wiki is mostly fanfic, but if enough users come along we can do role play also.

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Silverberry, medicine cat of SnowClan

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